Our pricing is not set in stone.  Every property is different.

There are almost no other companies offering similar services to Scorpion Snatchers, but they do exist. If you check their prices, you will see that we typically cut our competitors prices in half. If you find another company that beats us, all services can be price matched. These services are seasonal, and are not effective in the off season. For this reason, Scorpion Snatchers only operates when the nighttime temperature is around 90 degrees or above.


Intro Session

This is the first time we see your property:

  • A full scan of the property, removing all scorpions on your property
  • Professional evaluation of your property to determine the best course of action for removing future scorpions.
  • $35

Session Packs (Recommended)

Every scorpion in the desert does not come out at the same time.  Instead of a long single session, shorter, spaced out sessions are the most efficient way to remove scorpions:

  • A full scan of the property, removing  all scorpions on your property
  • $120/3 sessions
  • $220/6 sessions

Single Sessions

Any single, extra long session after your intro session.

  • A full scan of the property, removing  all scorpions on your property
  • $50


Sealing holes and crevices that scorpions can hide in or use to enter the interior of your home can add a layer of security between you and the outdoors.  We search for any potential entrances to your home during our search, and inform you about them at the end of your session.

  • Price varies