Why Us?

There are many pest control companies in the area, but Scorpion Snatchers is the best solution for scorpions in the Valley.  Here's Why:

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Traditional Pesticides

Traditional pesticides are not very effective on scorpions. This is due to a unique chemical found in the exoskeleton of every species of scorpion in Arizona. The exoskeleton is what makes scorpions so difficult to kill. Traditional pesticides are not powerful enough to kill scorpions, making them an ineffective method of removing them. See The Arizona Republic article below:



Hand Removal

Scorpion Snatchers removes scorpions by hand, using absolutely zero chemicals, and leaving nothing behind when we leave.  We are child-safe and pet-safe.  During the winter, scorpions stay underground in groups.  During the warmer months in Arizona, scorpions come out at night to hunt their prey. Approximately 10PM is primetime for scorpion hunting.  We come to your home or business armed with professional strength blacklights and a few other tools and search the entire exterior and/or vacant interior of your property. Scorpions are collected one by one, placed in a secure container and permenantly removed from the property.